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Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Changing Your MTB Tyres

Updated: Jan 22, 2023


We have all been there; scuffed knuckles, snapped levers, sealant everywhere and frustrated beyond belief. If you're new to changing mountain bike tyres then you might be having a hard time installing your new rubber.

After years of changing tyres you get to know those little things that make life a lot easier. Below I'll share my top five favourite tricks that will help you along the way...


1) Push The Bead Off The Rim Edge Into The Centre Of The Rim Profile

How to use a tire iron
[1] - Example - Pulling The Tyre Bead Off Of The Edge Of The Rim Profile

When installing your new tyre it's really beneficial to ensure that the bead of the tyre sits in the centre of the rim profile ([1] - See example above). This is where the circumference of the rim is the smallest and therefore gives you maximum slack in the bead to aid installation. This can really save your knuckles and your levers!

Note: This should be done on both sides of the rim.

2) Bead Clip

Rotae tyre lever bead clip demonstration installing a mountain bike tyre
[2] - Rotae Bead Clip Demonstration

The Rotae Tyre Lever Set features a Bead Clip [1], this is a really nifty tool which helps you when installing a tyre. It holds the tyre in place at one end which frees up both hands to concentrate on actually installing the tyre. This can save the frustration of having your tyre pop off the rim when you're almost there.

3) Pour Tubeless Sealant Into The Tyre Before Fitting The Last Side Of The Tyre

Demonstration of putting tubeless sealant into the tyre prior to installing the last side of the tyre
[3] - Pour The Sealant In Before The Tyre Is Fully Installed

Pouring the tubeless sealant in prior to fitting the final edge of the tyre can make life a lot easier. It saves you from having to try and pour the sealant through the valve which inevitably leads to mess. Just be mindful that the sealant is in there when you move the wheel when installing the last side of the tyre.

4) Presta Valve Adaptor

Schrader Valve To Presta Valve Adaptor
[4] - Schrader To Presta Valve Adaptor

Getting one of these little bad boys makes it easy to hook up to your compressors Schrader type fitment. Using a compressor to seat your tyre onto the rim is pretty much an essential.

5) Take The Valve Core Out To Improve The Flow Rate To Seat The Tyre For Tubeless Installations

Sometimes, if your rim is slightly damaged for example, you can struggle to seat the bead of your tyre onto the rim to form an air tight seal even when using a compressor. In this case, taking the valve core out of your Presta valve and then using the compressor significantly increases the flow rate of the air entering the tyre. This might give the tyre the extra kick it needs to seal. Make sure you have a good seal before letting the air out and installing the valve core again.

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